A little bit of things to know about me. I am Georgia , i live in Kavala Greece, I have studied nursing for 4 years, I got my degree several years ago and I do not intent to use it at all. I have an online Etsy shop to express my creativity with jewelry making and decorations :// I am quite new to this too , but it is my way of expressing myself through something I made for someone else to enjoy. I find peace and pleasure in making fashion jewelry, bohemian style is my thing-I love the colorful ,playful nature of the boho-hippie fashion, as well as creating unique and a little bit quirky jewelry.

αρχείο λήψης (3)

The other day i was thinking about  fashion bloggers , like real bloggers ,who make a living from it and how passionate someone has to be to do that.  I am not a blogger (well not yet anyways), I have never writen a thing on my own as i was always told, from a very young age, that I cannot express myself correctly on paper, or computer for that matter.  Didn’t use enough words to describe what I was thinking and thats a thing teachers love, big , fluffy , super describing words to make the ‘reader’ feel like he is right there with you.  I was on the other side, thinking simple, straight to the point words with no sauce on them.  I still despice ‘sauces’ on writen word. I want clear-maybe with a little sarcasm- meaningful text.  I guess not everyone is born to be a writer.

The reason i started to do this ,is simply because I love fashion and everything that has to do with it.  That is the reason I chose to start my online bussiness too.  I always wanted to have a job based on fashion , whether it was clothes, bags or jewelry. I am very passionate about it . I follow the styles and the trends, but of course mixing them with my own style (depends a LOT on what mood i’m in), but generally I mix and match.  Sometimes better than others..





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