Hot or nah?

So today i had weird thoughts about simple ,everyday things like walking my dogs. Of course my thoughts were about fashion choices people make ,when they have to go out, either for a coffee ,or to put the trash out. I am a fairly simple girl, not freaking out if i go to the grocery store and have my hair up in a messy (not styled, an i-don’t-care-what-you-think- messy) bun.

Woke up, drank a huge cup of  coffee ,put on my black tights matching with my black oversized knitted blouse, put my fake brownish uggs on and my leather jacket, arguing with my dogs whether we need to go fo a walk ,even though it’s cold outside, Max decided we HAVE to ,right now ,grab my  sunglasses ,aaand i’m ready to go. Or am I?

Total Black clothing is my favorite and the easiest way to dress simply chic. Also, when i’m walking my dogs i don’t really think of putting on makeup, or eyeliner, or anything. I just grab whatever is close to me and walk out of the house, like this:



Instead of this :

Blue and purple short layered dress, dark sunglasses and a black handbag and flats, and we’re out.(left pic)

Black and grey little short dress, long boots just below the knee (of course heels, because it’s so much easier to walk your dog in heels, but stylish no doubt) ,grey cute beanie and your homework on your side. (right pic)

Emma Stone look pretty cute though. She loves beanies for sure, in grey and red, long camel jacket, or vibrant blue blazer, long grey polka dot scarf, and her loyal friend by her side ♥


Lady Gaga takes a simple walk to a whole new level..


But she rocks it!

All of this style searching made me think ,maybe I should dress a little better, more into fashion, but then i wake up at 8 in the morning and all of these thoughts fly out of  the window.

What is your street style?


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