Hippies & Fashion

As we  all know, Hippies are originated back in the 1960 and their origins may be traced to European social movements in the 19th and early 20th century such as Bohemians.

Hippies can be described with a common phrase: make love, not war. Hippies were often pacifists, and participated in non-violent political demonstrations, such as civil rights marches, the marches on Washington D.C., and anti–Vietnam War demonstrations, including draft-card burnings and the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests.The peace symbol was developed in the UK as a logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and was embraced by U.S. anti-war protesters during the 1960s.

Highly experimenting group of people, in every way possible. Drugs, sex, music were some of them and they were in harmony with nature and animals, enjoyed spending  their days out in the sun and sleeping under the stars. They travelled in groups ,mostly in vans or backpacking. I admire their energy, i could never do that now.

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Hippies didn’t really care about luxury, expensive hotels, trendy restaurants or clothes. Their ‘style’ was made from them, using loose materials, made from natural garments like hemp or cotton. Women and men alike had long hair-like really long hair-mostly because they didn’t use shampoo. Or conditioner. Or water?

Their weird way of dressing, the material, the colors they were wearing, made them, surely, to stand out from the crowds. Let alone those headbands. Not very easy to -not-be noticed right?

Quickly after that, hippies and bohemian became more easy to understand and to see, to embrace their weirdness and unique styles. Fashion runways use this style, hippie and bohemian clothing and accessorizing  is very common nowdays.

COACH’S high line debut


And lets not forget about Coachellas‘ annual music and arts festival, the perfect example of hippie chic and bohemian chic fashion. Lots of people  go to this festival  ( I would if I could-stop it)  wearing high end fashion clothing, boho, long , loose dresses,floral dresses ,fully round glasses, which were very popular in the 60’s, shorts, long lace kimonos, hippie necklaces, rings and flower headbands. Well they match with everything don’t they?


Vanessa Hudgens (on the left) is the Queen of the boho/hippie style of our times. She represents it fully and has super cute and chic sense of style.


Lace is everywhere. Even if you hate it, you’ve got to admit it makes any shirt or pants seem way more chic. You seem more chic and stylish. Just with some lace. Huh..Look at that.


Boho jewelry is  a must too. If you don’t have unique, big, silver, with stones rings you don’t belong there. Just kidding. Get some bangles though, will you?


Hippie fashion and bohemian fashion are fascinating to me. You can mix and match, wear comfy loose clothes, vibrant colors and let your hair grow to the length of your bum. Just remember to wash.


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αρχείο λήψης (1)αρχείο λήψης































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  1. I like that your blog is informative and entertaining. You have found an unique and creative way to present fashion. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to learning more.


    1. Gia says:

      Thank you, that’s very nice of you!

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