Boho-fashion icon: Jemima Kirke

Some of you may not have heard of her. Many of you  have watched HBO Girls series, where she stars among other gorgeous actresses.( Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet).

Jemima Kirke (born 26 April 1985) is a British-born American artist and actress, plays the free spirited, bohemian young lady, that facinates everyone with her accent (british accent is so fun) and makes everyone jeallous of her easy, laid back mix and match clothing style.

She makes it look so easy. Just throw a kimono on, a hat and a scarf and you are ready to go. Yeah it’s that easy (just kidding).  What actually ‘helps’ her to be that chic and so effortlessly stylish is the fact that he character, Jessa Johansson, is in reality herself. What I mean is that she dresses like that in her everyday life, and is a ‘real’ bohemian in her everyday life.

Did I mention she is a very talented artist too?

Jemima is definately the guru of the boho/hippie style, everything she wears looks both carefully picked to match and leisurely. put together.

He jewelry choise is really unique too. From big gold ring, rings with stones, chuncy necklaces and some delicate earrings, all of her choices matched her personality.


Jemima Kirke with actress Zosia Mamet

Wanna re-recreate this boho look?


Jessa Girls Outfit 03images (4)images (3)


Which one is your favorite?


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