Hit the gym fashion for rookies✌

There is a time we all wonder on what we should wear when we are working out? Will this make me feel cold? Is the weather too hot for sweater? Will red make my face look more red? Thankfully, there is a very big market to chose your favorite outfit, whether it is trendy like a tank top and yoga pants, or just something casual and comfortable clothes like sweatpants and a loose shirt.

Kate Gosselin and Shay Mitchell know how to make working out seem easy and chic. With a pair of tights in your favorite color, a tank top or a sports bra, your running shoes, you are ready to go. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you, for the sunny hot days, along with your SPF.

You should wear what makes you feel the most comfortable because, let’s face it, when you feel uncomfortable with your clothes,  trust  me, you will not want to do it again soon. If you are hitting the gym wear light clothes, they usually have air conditioning so you get warm very fast. Unless you are often cold, in that case you can safely wear something ‘heavier’. If you sweat a  lot, avoid colors like grey, green, red etc. Try white or black instead, so even if you sweat they won’t tell easily. Just wear whatever you like. Sports bras are pretty easy to wear and very comfortable. They have various designs and colors to chose. and they won’t try to ‘stab’ you in the heart anytime soon.


You can wear your hair as you like but, having strands of hair sticking on your sweaty forehead is not the best option. Try having them up in a ponytail, or make braids to keep them in a safe place AND look gorgeous at the same time!(http://www.brit.co/post-workout-hairdos/)

Gym and makeup(?)

I personally don’t use make up when I’m working out. I sweat a LOT and the make up is just running down my face and  makes me end up looking  like Joker.

images (7)
Well, that was fun.

You would ask why did i wear make up in the first place right? Well, girls, when I work out even for a short period, my face turns red. Like really red, bright red. And it make me feel uncomfortable and make me think that people are staring at me all the time andhaving many asking me ‘why are you so red, are you ok?’ Well thank you for your concern ( and not making me uncomfortable , pointing this out)  I am ok, I am not having a heart attack right now, I just need to cool down a bit  (geez). I can’t help it, so I accepted the fact, that this can’t change. What matters is that we have fun, doing what we love, running, lifting, yoging (that’s not a word but you got the idea). If you still want to use make up , there are a lot of great videos on youtube, to help you look as natural as possible. This girl knows what I’m talking about: https://youtu.be/4Ith3UacKR0unnamed


Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a great work out♥



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