Fashion Trends Summer-Spring 2016


Summer is coming

New month today, coming closer to summer time, beach, hot sunny days near the sea and laying down on sand, trying to get the best tanned body (not me, I don’t tan, I burn like vampires in the sun) , wearing tiny bikinis or chic one-piece swimwear. So many colors to choose, so many designs to choose and so little time to figure out how to lose your ‘couch belly’ as I call it, when you were sitting like a lazy cat, watching tv shows, eating pizza with your friends, care-free, because summer was months away and now it’s knocking our doors (screaming inside).

While the tiny black bikinis will always be ‘in’ there are so many other choices, to make others envy our style and sense of fashion.


Tommy Hilfiger

These swimwears were beautiful. Gorgeous colors, unique designs and trendy patterns. Of course with a little touch of bohemian chic style. Knitted patterns, blue, green, pastel colors and vibrant reds were part of this show. We also saw long and short, loose dresses, that can make these  humid, super hot nights and days much easier to handle. Floral, striped, geometric designs, knitted tops and BIG jewelry with african style is a must for anyone that loves this  look.



Salinas Swimwear Runway Show

This collection ,Salinas’s Beachwear Spring Summer 2016 runway show that was unveiled on Sao Paulo fashion week, seems more retro. It reminds me a little bit of pin-up girls, but with a modern design. The concept was summer in Morocco and I can see it in the colors and the style. I have never been there, but that’s how I would imagine it. Geometric designs, stripes pastel colors, high wasted bikini slips, some sparkly metallic fabric jacket and pants, flower accessories, big earrings, gladiator  sandals, rounded sunglasses and hats ( we don’t want sun to burn us). It reminds me of the ’70s bohemian style, don’t you think?



Monokinis or bikinis?


Oh who doesn’t love the little palms on the bikinis. There is certainly a sporty vibe to this collection and it makes them so easy to wear and look so chill and hippie ready to go on a roadtrip, share a tent with friends and relax at the beach with a mojito and high fashion bikinis ♥




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