Swimsuit Fashion 60’s & 70’s

High waisted bikini bottoms, pointy bras, flowery designs, one-piece swimsuits that looked like a really tight, cute, beach dress and a vibe of innoscence.


These photos prove that fashion can be recycled. It can be recycled to the best. And high waisted bikinis, shorts, jeans and skirts are on their best form ever. They are easy to style, comfortable and chic. Celebrities are embracing the 70’s for a couple of years now and it’s gorgeous. Remember pin-up girls?

How do they manage to look so cute, with 70’s style in todays world?♥

Gigi Hadid
 Ashley Greene rocks this nude color high waisted bikini or not?

I never thought these bikinis suit my body, so I never tried them on. Maybe it’s time for a change?

Personally, showing as much skin as possible was a no-no for me, seeing girls at the beach with tiny bikinis was something I always envy, because a black bikini can never go out of fashion, right? Right. But if you are too light skinned, almost transparent, you can’t wear either black or white. Black will make you look sick and white, well, let’s just say Casper the little ghost wears white and he doesn’t look much sexy.

These high waisted bikinis are more, less-revealing and with the patterns and colors, can make anyone change their minds. Even me. You want stripes, you got it. You are more of a flower person, there’s one for you. Animal print? Sure, choose one! Did someone say lace? What a great idea!

Ugh so many options!

Of course simple string bikinis are an option and you can add details of bohemian fashion with fringes, knitted tops and bottoms, beads and of course you can always enhance your boho look with light kimonos or jackets ( if it’s not too hot for a jacket), jewelry or a flower headband. Or any headband. And yes I have a thing for headbands.


This tan makes this white knitted bikini look so much better
Bright colors, long necklaces and kimono with flower design


Do I need to say more?♥

So are you ready to try this?

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∴xoxo ∴

Georgia T.



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