Am I an adult yet?

  I do not feel like adulting yet

Like most kids, I also dreamt the day I would be a grown up lady, with a boyfriend, lots of money and my own house near the beach. I am ‘legally’ a grown up now. But does age really matter? I am in my late twenties now and i still don’t feel like adulting. Am I really an adult now?  No! You can’t make me! Go away!




I thought that until now I would have figured everything out. Like, I would have a job I love and maybe kids(?). But honestly, I still feel like a kid myself, let alone taking care of another one. Most of my peers have been married or got pregnant or have travelled the world by now and that leaves me with an unanswered question: Will I ever be in that place? Will I ever travel? Will I ever be able to afford to travel? How am I ever going to be happy with a job I literally hate?

Okay more that was more than one question.

I have studied nursing in another town for 4 years. And it was great. I had friends, freedom to do whatever I want, and eat whatever I want (that was a mistake).

Now I am living with my boyfriend for almost a year and it doesn’t feel different than what I did when I was studying in another city. Except that I have two beautiful puppies and spend almost every second with them♥. You expected me to say kids huh? No I do not regret it. No I wouldn’t like kids instead.


As time passes, as I get older, I realise that nothing has turned out the way I would like it to. I do not have a job I love. I have an online store I love but does not help me with my bills. Not yet anyways. I do not have a beach house. I have not travelled the world. I have never travelled abroad in my life. I was raised to be the one who should be left behind to take care of things and if I didn’t I was filled with guilt. But time passes. Will I be able to do these things if I am like 60? No. I won’t have the energy. But now am close to 30 I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up! I never did. Some said lawyer, or actors, or doctors and I was there like ‘a painter?’.

Anyways, I do not regret my decisions. I believe that we live once (yolo you guys!) and we should make it worth. Noone can tell us what to do or how to behave. Noone can force us to make life choices based on their lost choices or regrets.

Life is full of experiences. Who knows where we all gonna be tomorrow?


So I will not adult today guys. Maybe next century.


Georgia T.

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