Spring time sickness


It’s that freaky time of the year. We can’t adjust to the stupid temperatures, going up and down all the time, we wear shorts and shirts with no sleeves and the next day BAAM you’re sick. The weather is playing us guys. Summer is coming, but is not quite here.


You know when the weather is sooooo good and soo hot and you see the sun on your skin (burning you -because your skin)  and you drop the last piece of ‘winter’ clothing on the floor (or your bag, whatever suits you) and relaxing innocently on your balcony and then a sudden, light breeze, softly touches your sunburned skin,oohh feeling soo goood.


NO! How dare you feel good?!Winter won’t quit that easily girl!

Spring has fooled you. Spring-flu has taken you now. You are in her hands now. Try to stay calm and drirnk lots of fluids and fruits. Don’t drink fruits. Eat them.




We can’t save you now. I’m so sorry.



Georgia T.

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