No makeup-makeup?




The pressure women take, feeling that they have to look 100% pretty all the time AND being natural is total BS. Wear makeup like you own it. Be proud for the hours you spend to put them on your face. Be who you truly are.

No makeup- makeup , is actually You need a ton of other products to look ‘natural’ as possible like, makeup base, mascara, eyeshadows ( well neutral colors but still), powder etc. Yes you own them anyways, but cosmetic companies want you to believe that a tutorial on how to be ‘natural’ with makeup on is great, and will make you look fantastic. I believe there are also classes on how to achieve this look. Oh..

Ok yes. There are products that are ‘lighter’ than others. But it’s still make up. Why be all like “Oh no I’m totally natural right now” when you are wearing 50 different products on your face? Stop it.


I love Emma Watson, but how is this a no makeup picture? Yes it is less obvious, but it is still makeup.Who would go on a photoshoot with no makeup. Don’t get me started on the photoshop. I mean, why should we have those unrealistic expectations on how we should look? I am not perfect. But I want to love myself as it is and not expecting to look like a runway model all the time (I’m looking like a runway model half of the time).

People can’t look like models all the time. We are human beings. We have breakouts, we have spots and scars. And models that are wearing no makeup (?), doesn’t make it much easier for the rest of us to convince our significant other when he sees us bare faced, that that is how ‘with nomakeup’ actually looks. None of us has perfectly shaped and inked eyalashes. Most of us look like zombies in the morning and not like we came out from a magazine cover. None of us has the perfect porcelain skin, with no pimples or scars or freckles.


It doesn’t make much sense. Just call it makeup. We would buy it anyways.

If you want to put heavy makeup, do it. If you feel like you want to face the world bare faced, go for it. You are all beautiful .

Do your thang gurl♥



Georgia T.

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