Pinterest & social media

Pinterest is a great place. Truly magnificent place. You can find almost anything there, waiting for you to see , pin and share. There are DIYs and crafts, there are many food pictures, stylish girls with great hair and makeup, tips on how to achieve those, buy clothes and shoes and jewelry and decorations, promote your shop and your lifestyle, if it’s one to be advertised.
I haven’t figured out yet on how to achieve those things. At first it seemed really simple. You see a picture and you either ❤ it or pin it in your boards. But what happens when you want to actually promote you small business? Yes you can pin on a million different boards and share and share and share. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ are some of the many platforms you can share your things. It seems like another day job to me, I won’t deny it’s some kind of fun but it seems imposible to be seen on these social media and actuall have people ending buying your stuff. You need tones of followers and more advertising and more products and time to get an income.
It seems imposible to me. Seeing People that can make an income on these media is extraordinary and I can’t help but wonder if i am ever going to be that successful or at least successful enough for myself. I really admire those people. Spending all this time for a right photo, the filters the photoshop and money spent ( I guess they have to spent some, given they have the best camera or the latest iphone).
I thought , what the heck anyone can take a picture. Anyone can promote and get customers. It’s easy money.
It’s not. Maybe i do not make a great effort to achieve this. Maybe I’m not pretty enough, with full lips and great professional makeup skills, or with a super toned bikini body and tan. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s everyone else. Everyone that embraces the trends, the full silicone lips and full silicone boobs. Or silicone booty. Anything with silicone.
It’s not something I judge people for. Hell if i could afford it , i would be a plastic doll too. It’s just why. Why isn’t differency apreciated anymore. Why do we all have to be one way. We need to appreciate ourselves more. It doesn’t matter how you are. With plastic surgery or not, booty or not. If you are happy with yourself own it. Show it. Be happy. Don’t care what people say. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are not enough. You are special and loved in your own silly, different, geeky, trendy ways.


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