Summer fashion 2016

So many beautiful clothes and different styles for summer this year, there is no limit to your imagination on how to choose or what style suits you best. Lets see some of the trends this year๐ŸŒธ


Shorts, black shorts, jean shorts just shorts and crotchet tops in many many colors are in fashion the last 2 years.


Great style jumpers, in different designs and colors as well as length. I find short pants jumpers better.



Mary-Kate in a stylish beige dress and a small red bag hanging from her shoulders.



You don’t know what,to wear on the beach. It’s too hot for,pants, but you don’t want to wear something see-through. Well wear a really big shirt with pom-poms. Great style, and you,will definitely feel the breeze (if there is any).



Street style choices from gals embracing summer.




Must have. Swimsuit, sunglasses, sneakers, a book and a beach bag and you are ready to go. To the beach. Don’t walk around in your bikinis, it is illegal in some places. Unfortunately.


Dresses, dresses ,colors, boho vibes,colors with positive summer vibes aand woohoo .






Enjoy summertime, with lots of beach parties, days in the sun, cocktails and love โค



Georgia T.


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