Animal rights-petitions

I would like to take some of your time and talk to you about animal rights.
Most of us love animals. We want to pet them, hug them, play with them..Countries like China and Korea, have these monstrous festivals, that have massive quantities of dogs killed. Boiled alived, skinned alive, puppies that grew up in cages waiting for the time to be killed..

αρχείο λήψης.jpg

I will not talk about veganism, everyone should do what they feel like… But this is torturing, slaughtering thousands of innocent animals just for your pleasure? Just for a feast?..And Im not talking just about dogs. All kinds of animals have life. They have feelings. Being boiled alive is torture and nothing else. Killing thousands just for money is wrong. People torturing innocent animals is more than wrong. And I still cannot believe we live in 2016 and people like this exist. Traditions like these exist.





causing pain on animals that all they really want to do is to play and love us. They just love us and we kill them..

Please take a minute to sign and share these petitions. These cruel traditions should stop. Don’t you think?


Take action. Change it.



Georgia T.


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