Cute Boho/ Gypsy Skirts & Shoes to match them

Long skirts, mini skirts, assymetric skirts, all in fashion for 2016 and bohemian/ gypsy style is back!

The ones of you that follow fashion and have a thing for gypsy and/or hippie style clothing, must already know the huge dimension of publicity that this style has gained. Why you may ask?

 Look at her skirt! It keeps you cool on hot days, but it’s soo sassy! Is it long? Is it short? Is it both? 

It’s both.


Long flower design skirt, comfy and perfect for hot summer days:


This black & white, tie -dye, long skirt:


 I can imagine myself travelling around the world, wearing this skirt.

Such a warm feeling and color!

Love this!



SOREL shoes (image below): For you, when you need to be taller (or, like me, to prevent your skirt from sweeping the dirt from the streets ).16ca7962f25c42b029ebd4e39b7e198a.jpg

Or these comfy & colorful pom pom sandals:


‘Strings attached’ simple, beige sandals:

images (1).jpg


Fringe  boho sandals:



No idea why would someone wear these, but they look funny and I actually love the colors! These are from:

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016: ‘Carretto’ Printed Shoes




Summer is often ridiculously hot, humid, uncomfortable. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfy and happy! ♥


(I do not own any of the pictures)


Georgia T.


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