Beautiful in any size-Plus size swimwear <3


Who can say that bigger women cannot be sexy, beautiful and glamorous? Swimwear for curvy ladies that are beautiful, cute, boho, comfortable and very very chic, are on my list today.


High waisted bikinis are so gorgeous. Geometric design and purple, blues and a little reds.And of course a classic black bikini, with details in green and brown. High waists can help us ‘hide’ our little belly and muffin tops ( I love my muffins though).


I can say for myself, I am a ‘full figure’ woman and has not been that easy to see myself in the changing room mirrors (I think they reaaly distort your body, like I see myself in the mirror all the time, I cannot be THAT wide?? Wtf are you doing?) and those awful lights on top of your head makes you look 100% worse than you are (great way to sell me bikinis you guys). I don’t know many things about brands, I search for swimsuits that catch my eye and look cute. 

These are bikinis and one piece swimwear that I find beaitiful and that I believe would make all of us look cool and everyone else envious of our style!

Look at these cutiess! Love the geometric design, colors and the bohemian feeling, and these crotchet (or lace?) design on the bikini top is my absolute favorite!



To be honest I don’t really like those strings (what about my tan line?)  BUT I would wear and rock this on a beach.



Cute colors and designs, I like the one piece swimsuit it is flattering and the white one has a high waisted bikini bottom which is IN fashion. Pin ups💗



I love all of these swimsuits, the girls are gorgeous and the designs are fashionable. Choose wisely your own, there is a huuuge variety of swimwear and I know you want all of these but let’s be practical girls. It’s only for 3 or 4 months❤



(I do not own any of the pictures used)



Georgia T.


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