Can I travel the world if I’m broke?

Travelling. There has been much time since I started thinking about travelling the world. The only problem is that I am kiinda broke. Travelling abroad costs too much for me to afford, and having dogs, bills to pay and a boyfriend who doesn’t want to travel at all, make it impossible. So can someone travel the world if he’s broke?

Fear not. I am -that- close, figuring out how to travel with absolutely no money in your pockets. I searched the internet -of course- to see if other people did that, or want to do that and what are their fears of doing it? They offered great advice about how to choose places and accomodations and I believe that, well, if they can do it, I could do it too. Right?

Sell Your things

Okay. Even when you want to travel for free, you actually need to have a starter amount on your hands to go anywhere, I guess. It’s a logical assumption, if you want money right now to begin doing something like travel, you sell your things. There are people who can sell everything, their tables, their beds, their houses and live a life on the road for the rest of their lifes, I am not one of them. I couodn’t sell you toothpaste, if my life depended on it. And it’s not that easy anymore to sell stuff you have hanging around your house. People are so weird nowdays.

You can definately get rid of things you will not need in your journey. I cannot think a single one right now, I am the person that would bring high heel shoes and hair straightener to a camping place, but there must be something you wouldn’t carry with you. Your couch for example.


Travel For Free

Easier said than done. First of all, who, in his right mind, would jump into some strangers car and drive off, let’s say, in the middle of the night? Yes some of you would, I wouldn’t. There is so much crime out there you cannot trust anyone with your life. Especially if you are a woman travelling alone hitchhiking. Too risky. Just carry a knife or a pair of scissors with you, so if by any chance you need to stab someone in the eye, you can.

There is a site that offers you a place to stay for free. You search about the city you want to travel and you can find people who are willing to let you stay with them for free. You can crush on their couch, or have your own bedroom. Doesn’t matter, it’s totally FREE and they will help you stay somewhere with sane people at least. is the site I am talking about.Worth to give a shot.


Tents, stargazing, sunny daylight, mosquitos, cold, weird outside noises O_o.

Sure it’s easy and fun (for some), you pack your tent in you backpack with your other things and you start walking or you take a car and stop wherever you feel like. So much fun! Be well prepared for bad weather conditions and be sure your equipment is 100% ok because once you are out there you may not be able to go to a supermarket and buy another tent, or rope. Have some spares maybe? I have no idea what I’m talking about.


Learn a useful craft or skill.

If you have a skill,  any skill, such as cooking, crafting things, musical ability, or basic carpentry, you can barter for free food and accommodation as you travel the world. And that was my main idea. You reach to a place, stay somewhere. Money is over? Well let me be your waitress for 2-4 weeks so I can make money and go somewhere else. Let me take care of your pets for you while you are gone  for exchange for some food. Let me braid your hair for your children for 5$. See what I mean?

Credit cards

Credit card money have gone to a whole new level nowdays, so try to make the most of it. Most of credit cards offer free miles, or money back or discounts on gas etc. When you go to the supermarket try to charge your shopping on the credit card you have in order to win these extra miles!

Choose what makes you comfortable and be sure to be safe whatever you choose to do. It is incredibly fun to do these things with people you love and can handle being around.


As for me? I am going to take a nap for now .



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